Service Steps

Our Service Steps

Contact seller's, buyer's, builders, landlord's

We contact all kinds of customer's & ensure that we have more number of projects/flats with us.

Property informations

We gather all required details of the property such as, Price of the property, property location, property age, title details of the property and is it unfurnished / semifurnished / fully furnished.

Lead Generation

We generate leads through lot of activities like Telecalling, Digital Marketing, Banner Advertisement, Pamplet Advertisements, Referals from customers, many more.

Identifying Prospective client's

We identify prospective client's by our screening method and filter the geniune customer's only.

Schedule appointments

We meet our client's to understand their expectations/requirement which will enable us serve them better.

Follow up's

We prefer to keep in contact with the customer after the site visits to know whether they have any clarifications with respect to property title, project details, negotiations.

Updating the status

We keep the customer's always updated on the status through email regarding what we are doing currently & are planning to do further in order to meet customer criteria.

Schedule a meeting

We prefer to schedule a meeting with client's directly rather then talking over phone because it builds good relationship between seller & buyer and by doing which various disrepancies get resolved.


Our experts will do best negotiataion's on behalf of the seller's and buyer's to ensure both their price limits are met.

Documentation Process

Our legal team will do doucmentations like sale agreement, construction agreement, triparty agreement, sale deed, banking documentation, NOC from concerned societies/ authorities etc.


We do registration of the properties in all the sub-registrat offices across the city and rectifications of sale deed, draft verification etc.

handing over

Handing over the possession of the property, such as keys, house cleaning and if there are any issues with window, door, plumbing, electrical, structural etc.

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